Almost every 2nd man over 40 has experienced some form of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence1. A popular potency treatment is the common amino acid L-arginine2, which is natural, widely-researched, inexpensive, widely available and highly effective when combined with pine bark extract3.

Arginine improves the body’s ability to regulate blood-flow. This directly boosts erectile function and has significant benefits to cardiovascular health including lowering risk for arteriosclerosis and heart attack, helping lower high blood pressure, improving athletic performance and increasing immune function to name but a few.

We have compared 3 of the most popular Arginine-based combination products. They also offer some extra nutrients for male health and are not necessarily expensive.

The Best Arginine Products For Your Potency

The three products we chose for this evaluation are in their final order of placement:


Test Score

amitamin M forte


aminoexpert VIGARIN


Dr Jenson’s formula-X Men



The Winner

amitamin M forte is the winner by direct comparison. Although priced just above VIGARIN it is the only combination product, which ticks all boxes. The product has

  • a significant (up to 28%) multi-pack price discount,
  • a dedicated, top-rated (TRUSTED SHOPS), multi-language online shop,
  • free, tracked international shipping,
  • complete nutrient stack with 9 research-based, synergistic nutrients including vitamin B complex for Homocysteine reduction and Pine Bark Extract for extra Nitric Oxide boost and arterial health,
  • no additives, fillers, colors and flavors,
  • manufactured, registered and approved in Germany,
  • individual blister-sealed capsules for longevity and hygiene.


amitamin m forte effectively treats impotence and erectile dysfunction with arginine and pine bark extract

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VIGARIN by aminoexpert came in a close second.

  • up to 28% multi-pack discount when buying three boxes,
  • a dedicated, top-rated (TRUSTED SHOPS), multi-language online shop,
  • Arginine + pine bark extract and extra Cartinine formula,
  • free, tracked international shipping,
  • individual blister-sealed capsules for better longevity and hygiene.
  • only includes vitamin B9 missing B6 and B12 + Betaine for Homocysteine reduction.

COST PER PACK: €39.50 (approx. £33.50)

aminoexpert vigarin blister packaging

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3rd Place

Dr Jensons formula-X Men arginine product with pine bark extract for erectile dysfunction treatment

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Dr Jenson’s formula-X Men placed 3rd with its potent Arginine and pine bark extract combination. It is manufactured in the USA and therefore non-compliant with EU regulation. Interestingly, customer profile registration is by invitation-only.

  • Arginine + pine bark extract combination formula
  • most expensive product in the test,
  • incomplete nutrient stack without vitamin D and Betaine,

COST PER PACK: €99.00 (approx. £84.00)


How We Have Tested

Evaluation method and scoresheet

These three particular products were chosen, because they have an effective nutrient profile, are priced fairly and are specifically aimed at customers with erectile dysfunction or impotence problems.

The three products combine a total of 11 clinically-proven male potency nutrients between them: L-arginine, L-carnitine, pine bark extract, co-enzyme Q10, vitamin B6, vitamin B9 (folic acid), vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc and Betaine.


  • M forte includes 9 of the above 11 potency nutrients and therefore scores 82%.
  • VIGARIN includes 8 of the above 11 potency nutrients and therefore scores 73%.
  • formula-X Men includes 6 of the above 11 potency nutrients and therefore scores 55%.


All three products include the important Arginine + Pine Bark combination. Only amitamin M forte includes the full Homocysteine reduction stack of Betaine + vitamins B6, B9 and B12.

Aminoexpert VIGARIN, amitamin M forte and formula-X Men all include the super antioxidant pine bark extract. This natural compound has been shown to be the most powerful NO Booster4, effectively helping the body to regulate blood circulation, whilst protecting the inner arterial walls5. Their nutrient stacks are therefore found superior to other products.

VIGARIN does not include the important vitamin B complex, but instead features Carnitine for improved fat metabolism and energy release. Finally, both M forte and VIGARIN are delivered by tracked couriers.

top 3 arginine and pine bark extract natural potency treatments

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Why Natural Potency Treatments Are Becoming More Popular

Arginine-based products are clinically proven, natural and sustainable method for improving male potency. Significantly, this erectile dysfunction treatment approach is based on the research, which led to the “Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology” in 1998.

CLICK to read how Arginine won the NOBEL PRIZE

Arginine’s Key Role in the Body
Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid. This means that the body actually produces it itself, but not always in sufficient amounts for optimal health benefit6!

L-arginine is the sole precursor for the neurotransmitter Nitric-Oxide (NO), which regulates the rate of blood flow and blood pressure by relaxing and tensing the muscle tissue inside the arterial walls.

The Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel NobelPrizeThe research team around Robert F. Furchgott, Ferid Murad and Louis Ignarro already knew that NO is the neurotransmitter used in the human body to signal vasodilation. Vasodilation is the relaxation or blood vessel walls, which allows them to expand and more blood to flow through them. However, the metabolic pathway was not yet understood.

In the 60s and 70s they discovered exactly how NO is manufactured in the body. They also understood that its level can be boosted by consuming the amino acid Arginine together with antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E. For the first time, therefore, they understood the “metabolic pathway” of NO.

Finally, they explained that the circulation-based health benefits of Arginine-induced NO to the human body are so significant that they were awarded the “Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 1998”. Arginine has a statistically significant life-prolonging effect, because better circulation means less risk of cardiovascular disease. Indeed, circulatory disease is the number 1 killer in the Western world above the age of 45.

How Arginine Improves The Body’s Natural Ability To Create An Erection

Specifically for erectile function, Nitric Oxide ensures that the penis can be naturally and effectively filled with blood, so it can mechanically function the way it is designed to. In fact, not being able to fill the penis with blood is the most common cause of ED. This type of ED is called “vascular Erectile Dysfunction”.

Dr. Ignarro, one of the Nobel-Prize winning researchers of the “Benefits of Nitric Oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system” talks about the benefits in this very interesting video:

Also, well-known libido enhancers associated with treating potency problems like Maca 7, Spanish Fly and Yohimbine have never been successfully trialled on humans8. Dosages and production methods are not standardised.

The famous blue pills work differently to Arginine induced Nitric Oxide. Rather than encouraging an erection to happen by improving blood flow into the penis, they work by blocking the outflow of blood. They are therefore arguably complimentary to an Arginine and Pine Bark Extract-based treatment .

However, are expensive and only have temporary effects and all of them have unpredictable side effects.

Early studies concluded that a dose of 5,000mg per day of Arginine does not have a satisfactory effect on treating erectile dysfunction as only 31% of subjects reported improvement9.

However, when the Arginine was combined with 80mg of Pine Bark Extract (PBE) per day, even a smaller dose of 1.7g per day cured erection problems in 92.5% of participants after three months10.

How Pine Bark Extract Boosts the Arginine Effect
Pine bark extract (trademarked as Pycnogenol in the USA) is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and produced from the French Maritime Bark. It has been used for hundreds of years and effect proven in over 30 studies.

Its main benefit on the cardiovascular system is that systemically improves Arginine’s effect on the cardio-vascular system – arteries are simply kept younger, more elastic and free of plaque.

Interestingly, while Arginine alone did not have significant benefits to the erection11, 2003 a key study found that an Arginine-pine bark extract combo effectively healed 92.5% of men with diagnosed erectile dysfunction after 3 months!12

These two nutrients reinforce each other and make for an erection-boosting “Dream Team”.

Since the 1990s natural food supplements based on the amino acid Arginine have become a popular method for male potency enhancement. This has happened for several reasons:


  • Clinically shown to improve erectile function in a large number of cases13 14
  • Numerous additional health benefits such as better digestion15, immunity16, energy levels17, muscular strength18, healthier skin and hair19 and lower risk of diabetes20, strokes and heart attacks21
  • Convenient, prescription-free and non-invasive
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Based on natural micro nutrients (nutraceuticals), sustainable and without side effects
  • Permanently effective after three to four weeks

The health benefits in men are caused by a number of micro nutrients (nutraceuticals) with the principal one being the L-arginine. This amino acid regulates the body’s ability to control blood circulation. By extension, Arginine therefore also helps to create and sustain an erection.



All of the three tested products will go some way to helping you improve your erectile dysfunction. amitamin m forte and VIGARIN were found to have the best clinically-proven combination of nutrients at the best price. These two products are likely to help overcome potency problems more efficiently and cost-effectively than other natural products.

Generally, we strongly advise to combine any Arginine and pine bark extract supplement with a healthy diet, plenty of sleep and exercise. This will also increase the testosterone levels and improve the effect of the natural treatment in a virtuous cycle.

Discuss taking these supplements with your GP before you commence treatment. Side effects are not to be expected but interactions need to be ruled out.


Top Nutrients for Male Potency

Several micro nutrients (nutraceuticals) have been clinically shown to support strong male health. The challenge for the above natural erectile dysfunction products was to provide the nutrients at a fair price and in good – research-backed – quantities.

These are the key nutrients required:

The Arginine Effect

L-arginine is a powerful vasodilator and a precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO) production in the body. Nitric Oxide is the neurotransmitter, which regulates the rate of blood flow anywhere in the body. The team of researchers, who discovered this important mechanism in the 1980s, were rewarded with the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998.

Regular Arginine supplementation will significantly improve health and by extension the quality of life in the following ways:

  • Oxygen-rich blood helps promote cell growth and organ function. This preserves health with increasing age.
  • The skin and immune system is stronger in fighting off bacteria and infections.
  • A strong heart, which pumps efficiently at full force lowers the heart rate causing your blood pressure to flow more evenly and smoothly.
  • Reduced risk of diabetes and atherosclerosis, which causes Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), strokes and heart attacks increase life expectancy.
  • An active body, which is supported by stronger joint and muscle tissue has a better overall hormone (testosterone) balance, which causes an overall favourable and attractive body composition.
  • All of this will increase the chance that you will be able to achieve a strong erection, perform in bed and therefore have a healthy sex life. This is an important element for a successful relationship and a high quality of life.

Over the years, a large body of research has paved the way for a class of food supplements called NO-Boosters. These are almost always based on Arginine and have been used with notable results by strength and endurance athletes.

Arginine directly boosts Nitric Oxide, relaxing the arterial walls and directly promoting circulation throughout the system, including in the penile tissue. It promotes a well-functioning cardiovascular system, which consists of a strong heart and elastic blood vessels ensuring that our body can perform at its best.

Cirtulline is what is known as a precursor to the production of nitric oxide within the body. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator; that is, it helps to expand the blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the body increasing the rate of blood flow.

So, it should only stand to reason that Citrulline may play an important role in curbing the effects of erectile dysfunction. It is particularly abundant in watermelon rinds[ “Journal of Chromatography A, 17 June 2005, 1078(1-2):196-200, “Determination of citrulline in watermelon rind”] and fish such as salmon.

Pine Bark Extract contains has been shown to simultaneously help with the absorption of nitrogen into the bloodstream whilst exhibiting have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These characteristics can help with heart health as blood pressure is lowered and which aids the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

General inflammation can deplete the body’s store of L-arginine. Blood pressure is directly affected as L-arginine relaxes artery walls, which boosts blood flow throughout. Over 300 successful studies have been carried out on the effects of pine bark extract on osteoarthritis, diabetes, cancer and many more illnesses.

pine bark extractOne key study showed that after men supplementing a mix of Arginine and pine bark extract for just two months, a full 80 per cent of the men regained their ability to have erections, a figure which increased to 92.5 per cent after the third month. There were no reported side effects at all22.

In a similar study in Japan at Hiroshima University, researchers found that 180 milligrams of pine bark extract in combination with L-arginine, boosted vasodilation by 42 per cent23.

Pine Bark Extract is therefore a key nutrient for holistic heart health and significantly contributes to the effective treatment of vascular erectile dysfunction.

Adding Arginine and Pine bark Extract to your diet makes it more complete nutritionally and causes increased vascularity, which you will feel physically in your muscles and by way of a stronger erection24.

This effect will be enhanced by the addition of the “male” specific mineral and vitamin matrix – explained below. This of course will support your partnership, sex life and psychology by contributing to an overall positive mindset.

In addition you need to consciously live a healthy heart-lifestyle. The basics of what you need to do are exercise regularly, eat and sleep well, which have all been shown to improve and proactively protect your cardiovascular system.

Zinc is very important especially for men. Research shows that having ample zinc available in the body allows for a more robust release of the three most important anabolic hormones, testosterone25, growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).

Without these, you’ll miss out on muscle and strength development from your exercise. Zinc

  • prevents cancer (including in the prostate26,
  • diabetes and alzheimers and depression,
  • boosts immune function27,
  • brain function28, elevates your mood29
  • and improves your cardiovascular health.

Thirdly, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients are needed to support anti-ageing and the immune system. Most vitamins fall in this category, especially several of the B vitamins, vitamin E as well as Betaine, Co-enzyme Q10.

Specifically in the context of Erectile Dysfunction, the combination of vitamin B6, B9 (Folic Acid), B12 and Betaine is important. This combination of nutrients reduces Homocysteine, which benefits circulation and lowers risk of heart disease30.

Elevated levels of homocysteine in the blood are believed to cause narrowing and hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). The blood vessel narrowing in turn leads to reduced blood flow through the affected arteries. Elevated homocysteine may also increase the tendency to excessive blood clotting in the arteries, which will further diminish the flow of blood. The resultant lack of blood supply to the heart muscles can cause heart attacks, and the lack of blood supply to the brain causes strokes.

Some studies have shown even moderate levels of homocysteine levels causing higher rates of repeated incidence of blood clot formation31.

l-carnitine 500mg amazon best seller

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Carnitine supports energy supply throughout the body by promoting the conversion of fat into energy. It occurs naturally in red meat and has no side effects.

vitamin a click to buy on amazon

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Vitamin A is an important hormone-like growth factor for epithelial and other cells, which line the inside of the arteries and regulate vasodilatation32.

Importantly, these nutrients represent a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction and a real alternative to experimenting with alternative substances, which are not backed up by scientific research.


Alternative Herbs, Extracts and Prescription Products

female pharmacologist researchingThere is a large number of well-known treatments, which will work in the short-term short-term (the famous blue pill), or claim to fix ED by improving testosterone alone (zinc). None of these treatments, however, do not address the most common cause systemically – poor circulation, which leads to cardiovascular problems.

Let us take a brief look at a handful of the most popular ones, many of which you will be familiar with:


There are a number of pharmaceutical and homeopathic supplements, which claim to work as short-term ED treatments.

The famous “blue pill” or its cousins, so-called PDE-5 inhibitors can provide a temporary fix when you are planning to have sexual intercourse. This means you cannot have spontaneous sex. However, once ingested they

  • work fast, albeit temporarily and
  • are effective.

However, these “event-based” drugs are comparatively expensive and do not actually treat the poor circulation, which is the most common underlying cause of the erectile dysfunction.

Viagra and other PDE5-Inhibitors do not sustainably improve your cardiovascular systemThey simply mask the problem for a short time and by doing so can cause some uncomfortable side effects including

  • excessive blushing,
  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • swollen mucus membranes.

At approximately AUD 20.00 per dose they are relatively expensive and require a prescription to control their consumption. The prescription, however, is extremely important, because a high pharmaceutical quality and correct dosage of the product must be guaranteed.

l-carnitine 500mg amazon #1 Best Seller

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This amino acid derivative is an all-natural ingredient that can be found in many meat products. Studies have shown that taking two grams of carnitine per day led to improved erectile function in men who experienced little results with prescription products3334. It was also shown effective in the treatment of male ageing symptoms35. Carnintine also improves mood and energy levels.

While there are small amounts in meat and dairy products, natural supplementation will provide the levels that are deemed necessary to produce viable results. It should be noted that those with thyroid problems or who are currently suffering from heart disease should consult with a physician.

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This vitamin has what is known as a synergistic effect. It has been shown that vitamin C is a mild vasodilator in itself while some studies have shown that it will simultaneously help prevent the premature breakdown of nitric oxide within the body.

Thus, by extension it can be concluded that it will also help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence.

However, it should be known that vitamin C has been shown to possibly contribute to a hardening of the arteries and even cause some forms of cancer. It is best to take this vitamin in an easily digestible form such as “chelated” vitamin C and consult with a doctor before use.

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This enzyme has been popular in fitness and bodybuilding communities for some time as a powerful antioxidant and an energy booster.

Coenzyme Q-10 (also known as CoQ10) has also been shown to improve cardiovascular function, decrease the breakdown of nitric oxide and supply more blood to the penis.

This may also help lessen the instances of erectile dysfunction.

Solgar Folacin Folic Acid 400 mcg Tablets

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Folic Acid will substantially improve blood flow and help arterial dilation rates.

Found naturally in citrus fruits and leafy vegetables such as spinach, folic acid can be taken either in a pill form or through consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

It needs to be noted that very high doses of this supplement increase the chance of colon cancer 36 although small, regular dosis have been found to reduce the overall risk of cancer 37

So, it is wise to consult with a nutritionist or a physician if one has a history of cancer in the family.

Simply Supplements Ginkgo Biloba 6000mg 360 Tablets for Short-term Memory

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Finally, this herbal remedy is backed up by rather robust evidence as having dilating properties. This is caused by its unique ability to increase the activity of nitric oxide within the bloodstream.

The result is increased blood flow to the extremities including the penis. Gingko also helps with mood disorders, which may be of particular interest to men who may have a psychological component behind their erectile dysfunction.


These are a few of the most reliable alternatives to clinical treatments and medication. However, it must not be forgotten that the efficacy of these supplements will vary from person to person.

As you have likely seen, the most effective way to combat erectile dysfunction is to increase blood flow to the penis and surrounding tissues. However, this may also have an impact on those who are hypertensive or who have a history of heart arrhthymia.

Therefore, a doctor should always be consulted prior to using these or any other supplements.

 Popular But Clinically Unproven Impotence Treatments

Yohimbine is a plant extract with anti-depressant properties. It is sold as prescription medicine for the treatment of ED.

However, scientific studies on humans have not been sufficiently conclusive as to whether it is an effective erectile dysfunction remedy3839.

Maca is a plant found in the Andes mountains in South America. Maca does not specifically target the ED, but rather the libido as a whole, which is why it is taken by both men and women. It is also therefore perhaps incorrectly referred to as the “natural blue pill”.

The primary active libido-enhancing ingredient in the Maca root is called Glycosides. Maca is available over-the-counter in pharmacies or via mail order and has been shown to improve libido. It will, however, not treat the underlying cardiovascular issues causing ED.

When taken on its own, you might therefore find yourself in the most frustrating situation of being aroused, but not being able to achieve an erection.

A combination of Maca with another vasodilator such as L-Arginine is recommended for this reason.

Horney Goat Weed or Epimedium, also known as barrenwort, bishop’s hat, rowdy lamb herb,randy beef grass, fairy wings or yin yang huo (Chinese: 淫羊藿), is a plant endemic to China.

According to the legend, it’s sexual enhancement property was discovered by a goatherder in China who noticed sexual activity in his flock after they ate the weed.

Sold as a food supplement, usually in raw herb, tablet, or capsule form it is often blended with other supplements. The primary active nutrient in Horney Goat Weed is believed to be icariin, which is usually found in standardized extracts from 5% up to 60%. Strengths above that tend to be reserved for laboratory use only40

Icariin has been demonstrated to relax rabbit penile tissue41 by nitric oxide and PDE-5 activity making it potentially a primary treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, other research has demonstrated that injections of Epimedium extract directly into the penis of the rat results in an increase in penile blood pressure. Epimedium has been shown to have a weak potency and oral bioavailability is unknown.

From the little research available it is still unclear how much epidemium extract is necessary to have any effect. Most significantly, side effects are unresearched and therefore unknown. To avoid any risk of negative side effects it is therefore strongly advised to avoid experimenting with highly dosed concentrated extracts.


spanish fly beetle lytta vesicatoriaThe Spanish Fly is an emerald-green blister beetle in the family Meloidae, Lytta vesicatoria. A substance called Cantharidin, also called “Spanish fly”, which is obtained from these beetles is a powerful irritant and blister-inducing “vesicant”.

As a result of these irritant effects on the body’s genitourinary tract, Cantharidin is thought to have aphrodisiac properties. It can result in poisoning if ingested42

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This literature review summarises erectants and aphrodisiacs extracted from the following 15 mainly Asian arthropods43: lobster, Arizona bark scorpion, deathstalker, banana spider, Mediterranean black widow, Burmeister’s triatoma, giant water bug, diving-beetle, Korean bug, diaclina, flannel moth, Spanish fly, migratory locust, red wood ant and honeybee44.

These traditional methods have not been empirically researched in modern Western science and their effects are therefore questionable.

The same issue as with Maca will apply: the aphrodisiacs may cause arousal, but do not fix the most common underlying cause of Erectile Dysfunction in the Western world – problems with blood circulation. Again, you may find yourself greatly frustrated as you are aroused, but not actually being able to sustain an erection at the same time.

There is a very large number of designer products on the market, which are variously called “herbal complex”, “herbal solutions” or “herbal enhancers”. These typically include combinations of the above aphrodisiac herbs, roots or extracts.

However, exercise caution!

Aggressive sales techniques involving flash packaging, suggestive images and videos of passionate moments and time-limited offers will tempt you into buying now. 

However, these aphrodisiacs do not sustainably treat the most frequent cause of potency problems – the underlying issue of poor circulation. The patient will, therefore, risk finding himself aroused and not being able to sustainable achieve an erection.


Not a single one of the above treatments is backed up successfully by clinical randomised, double-blinded research. Do not put your health at risk by experimenting with unguided dosing and products of unknown origin and purity.



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