Being open to try different things

30 May 2021


I remember Harry was always ready to play around and try different things out. And it didn’t have to be the set way you do things.

So just reminiscing then, thinking about the day when he asked me to think about putting my right blade in, but using my left shoulder.

And so to think, well, to get my right blade in, I’ve got to think about what’s going on here, because it’s all a system and it’s all joined together. If I think about my left shoulder and my right hand, then something works. And then I can think about my left hand and my right shoulder. And then because I’m sculling, I put the things together, and it all seems to work together.

So he would try quirky things like that.

I remember one day we had a journalist down and the journalist had never seen rowing before. And Harry coached me for… he coached me a lot… he coached me for 5 kilometres of rowing and he’d been talking to me. And then, he’d been chatting with the journalist.

And the journalist had made some observations to him in the motorboat. And he said, ‘Well, why don’t you coach him?’ And he handed the microphone, the megaphone over.

So this person who’s never coached rowing before then just started telling me the things that they were seeing. And I heard it and tried to respond to it.

And he [Harry] wasn’t precious at all about someone else having an input and me then trying something a bit different. And, you know, it was something blindingly obvious, actually, the person was seeing. And then I thought, okay, well, if they can see it, and they’ve never watched sculling before, they’ve never watched rowing before, then maybe I should do something about it.

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Greg Searle

British rower Greg Searle was already an Olympic Champion in sweep rowing when he was first coached by Harry Mahon in the single scull.

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