Coaching from within the boat

8 August 2021

Sonia Waddell


I remember Harry coming out with us in the quad one day and he actually put his back out this day which wasn’t so great.

But he switched our stroke seat out and he said, ‘Right, you know you’re rowing terribly, and so I’m going to show you what to do’.

And he came out and, and I still remember vividly, Harry just… he had his eyes closed and his head down and he was just feeling the boat.

And he said, he said to us ‘Look, you know, I’m not as strong as you, I’m not as fit as you, but I’m moving the boat a lot better than you, and I’m moving it further, I’m moving it faster’.

And it was, yeah, he was such a believer, it was not about strength – your power to weight [ratio] was important, but it was about the execution of the stroke.

And if you could perfect that movement, it was like a sweet spot and you could get so much out of the boat for so little effort.

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Sonia Waddell

Harry chose me as a triallist for the under-23 team, much to the, I guess, shock of everyone in the rowing fraternity as I’d only been rowing for 3 weeks.

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