Loose and relaxed

29 May 2021


We might look at someone else sculling, maybe a novice sculler.

A girl I remember sculling past one day… and he’d say ‘Look at the way she’s really loose and relaxed with her arms. Look at how you’re really thinking and you’re really concentrating and you’re slow and you’re gripping it. Just try and be loose and relaxed, like she is.’ And I could see her boat was flopping all over the place. But she was only a little girl, it wasn’t really affecting her.

And so I looked for that same level of relaxation and gave myself that same level of relaxation. And by doing that, suddenly, I was able to connect more quickly and more easily. Rather than thinking about it being slow, I could just be loose and relaxed.

And a lot of Harry’s coaching for me was about being looser, being more relaxed, making the best of what I already had.

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About the

Greg Searle

British rower Greg Searle was already an Olympic Champion in sweep rowing when he was first coached by Harry Mahon in the single scull.

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