Meeting Arthur Lydiard

8 August 2021

Sonia Waddell


So Harry, he had an amazing style of coaching. I think his…

Arthur Lydiard was his mentor and I clearly remember one day when I was in the quad and Harry said we’ve we’ve got a guest coming out today and this very very elderly gentleman in his tracksuit got out of the car and tried to leap over the little wooden, the little wooden fence down by the rowing club and it was, it was Arthur, and he came out in the boat with us and that was…

My my idol growing up was the runner Peter Snell [NZ middle-distance runner and 3-time Olympic Champion].

So to have Harry Mahon and Arthur Lydiard [Snell’s coach] in the same boat coaching us, it was, it was absolutely surreal. So he really believed in Arthur’s principles.

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Sonia Waddell

Harry chose me as a triallist for the under-23 team, much to the, I guess, shock of everyone in the rowing fraternity as I’d only been rowing for 3 weeks.

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