David Lindstrom rigging a boat

David Lindstrom

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How I Met

My first association with Harry was in 1977. I was picked as stroke of the New Zealand four which went on to win a silver medal in Amsterdam [1977 World Rowing Championships].

And Harry, after a few, probably a few weeks, three or four weeks, basically said to us, ‘This is my first time with a senior crew; I don’t know whether I can contribute much more’.

And we quickly replied, saying, Harry, you’re our fifth set of eyes. So we were a team of five, coxless boat, and, and that’s the way we moved.

And time went on, and the boat initially was a reasonably average boat. But then, because we had failed the year before – when I say failed, at Montreal [1976 Olympic Games], we got a fourth and we really should have been up there for second – we were very determined that we were only going [to the World Championships] if we could produce a fast boat. And even at the last minute, before we left New Zealand, I wasn’t happy with the way we were going. But the guys said, ‘We’re going’, so we went.

And then, of course, the first regatta, I was in the stroke seat in Munich, and we won. And from then on it just went… it got better and better. And, but we worked together as a very tight unit of five.