Greg Searle

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How I Met

I’d done the Atlanta Olympics and been quite disappointed, ultimately, with a bronze medal in the coxless four.

And I thought the challenge of sculling was a really exciting one. It was the big challenge left for me, really. So I started doing a little bit of sculling and I was doing okay.

But one day I got this phone call from Tony Brook. He said Harry was looking for a challenge and looking to coach a sculler, and I knew he’d coached Rob Waddell up to that point, any he’d coached Xeno Muller, and I thought, maybe I should try this guy out. And he was doing some good things at Cambridge.

So I made the phone call to him, and we spoke to each other, and he said he’d come down and have a look at me sculling.

The first time Harry coached me

So the first time Harry came down to look at me sculling, he did exactly that, because he was a quiet man. And I remember him pushing me off the landing stage at Molesey and me sculling along and, and this character in the motorboat behind me hadn’t really said much before we left at all… very little introduction, very little small talk. And I just sculled along, and he just watched.

And then eventually he asked me to stop. And and after he asked me to stop, he asked me how I thought it was going. And it was that first moment of, I think, realising Harry was going to get me to think for myself; Harry was going to get me to work things out. He wasn’t going to be a coach who was going to sit there and shout at me with a loud voice. He was going to ask me questions, get me to take responsibility.

And that was really how the relationship started and how it was going to carry on.