New Research Identifies Sleep Promoting Amino Acid

Japanese company Ajinomoto has created a sleeping supplement Glysom™ based on amino acid research. Ajinomoto is a specialist in the advancement of pharmaceutical grade amino acids and effective, safe nutraceutical options. Their studies have shown that the amino acid glycine can help to support good sleeping habits. Occurring naturally within the body, glycine is linked to regulating the wake sleep cycle. This amino acid is also found in high concentrations within meat, fish and beans.

During preliminary research, Ajinomoto gave 3g of glycine to a group of men struggling with sleep. After taking the supplement prior to going to bed, the participants exhibited brainwave patterns indicative of non-REM sleep much earlier and were able to sleep longer compared with other study participants that didn’t take the supplement.

Huge Demand

With over 15 million NHS prescriptions issued each year in the UK for sleeping pills, there is a big demand for sleeping aids. Using natural amino acids such as glycine is a preferred option as there are very few side effects. Glysom™ has been shown to promote sounder, deeper, and more restful sleep, without causing drowsiness.

Natural products are already a popular alternative to prescription medications with a wide range of herbal remedies available. Milks with a high concentration of the sleep promoting hormone melatonin are popular in the UK and Finland, along with green tea and camomile tea. Glysom™ is another good alternative.