Amitamin M Forte

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The special M-forte formula

The unique Nobel-Prize winning M-forte formula consists of L-arginine and 7 micronutrients embedded in Pine Bark Extract. It specifically supports and maintains the ability of the arteries to dilate and increase the rate of blood flow. The formula thus effectively leverages nutritional physiology principles to fix a common cause of Erectile Dysfunction.

L-Arginine in pharmaceutical grade quality

The amino acid L-arginine is the key ingredient for the synthesis of Nitric-Oxide, also known as nitrogen monoxide (chemical formula NO) in the human body. NO is the body’s main signalling molecule for vasodilation, the relaxation of blood vessels. A high NO level relaxes the muscle tissue of arteries, widens the blood vessel diameter and increases the rate of blood flow throughout the body. Blood can then be kept more effectively inside the penis’ erectile tissue as its vessels widen and muscles relax.

The regular supplementation of L-arginine via amitamin® M forte can contribute to an increased level of NO inside the body. L-arginine is the only key reactant (component) the body needs to build NO.

If the body lacks sufficient L-arginine, it will struggle to control vascular tension sufficiently and possibly impair a man’s ability to have an erection.

In summary: amitamin® M forte’s unique formula with L-arginine, Pine Bark Extract, Betain and vitamin B complex can improve the body’s ability to produce NO thereby improving vascular and muscular control in the penile tissue.

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  1. Vinnie

    I have been on M forte since last winter .. and I love it!! I know I am doing something to support my immune system, testosterone production and circulation all at the same time. It took a few weeks to kick in and now I can tell that it works, because I could take my tennis and gym workouts to another level. I am more vascular and stronger – not just on the court, but more so in the sack where I can give my missus what she wants and she loves it!!

  2. Dr Watkins

    took 3 weeks to kick in and did so slowly, but works for me! I like its natural

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