Dr. Jenson’s formula-X Men

Dr. Jenson’s formula-X Men is a nutritional supplement for men in their best years. It supports energy production and the maintenance of a healthy testosterone level.

The body´s cardiovascular system depends on the availability of L-Arginine, because only L-Arginine provdides the molecule NO, nitric oxide. NO regulates the arterial functions and the blood flow.

Therefore, Dr. Jenson´s formula-X Men contains 3.300 mg L-Arginine per day.

The formula also includes zinc (10 mg per day) which is especially important for the production of the male hormone testosterone. A healthy testosterone level is important for your energy and stamina in any situation.

To contribute to the protection of healthy arteria, Dr. Jenson´s formula-X Men provides the three B-vitamins B6 (4 mg), folic acid (400 µg)and B12 (10 µg). All of them are essential to regulate the levels of homocysteine. Homocysteine is a toxic end product of many metabolic processes. To keep the homocysteine level under control, our body needs these three B-vitamins. If one of these is scarce, homocysteine levels might increase to unwanted levels. An elevated homocysteine level is, according to latest confirmed research, equally harmful as elevated cholesterol levels. Therefore, by taking you and your cardiovascular system will benefit from the long term protective effects of a healthy homocysteine level.

Pine bark extract from french pines (pinus pinaster) protects your endothelium (inner layer of your arteria) from free radicals. We use 80 mg of pine bark extract with 95% procyanidines.

One package contains 180 capsules. We recommend the intake of six capsules per day, either three in the morning and three in the evening or all capsules in the evening. Please take the capsules before a light meal, together with some water or juice. One package lasts for 30 days of the recommended intake.

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