Fertilovit M plus

Fertilovit® Mplus is a dietetic food for special medical purposes and is used for the management of male fertility issues related to limited semen quality (testicular dysfunction).

It contains a combination of vitamins and other vital substances like zinc and selenium, that promote healthy sperm development and – featuring sustained vitamin C release – it protect sperms 24/7 from detrimental oxidative stress. In addition to that, N-acetyl-L-cysteine boosts the production of an important antioxidant within the body.
The protein building block (amino acid) citrulline offers additional support of healthy sperm development. The body absorbs citrulline and transforms it into arginine, which is another building block of proteins and an important source material for the synthesis of substances essential for sperm DNA packaging and stabilization. A welcome side effect is its role in promoting a man’s erection.

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