orthomol fertil plus

  • Orthomol Fertil Plus has been specially formulated as a food supplement for men to be taken when trying to conceive with their partners.
  • Orthomol Fertil Plus contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements and Co-enzyme Q10 as well as special omega-3-fatty acids (especially DHA) and probiotics.
  • Orthomol Fertil Plus contains important micronutrients such as optimal dosages of L-Carnitin, Coenzyme Q10, N-Acetyl, Omega-3-fatty-acid, Vitamins B6, B12 and Folic Acid, Zinc and Selenium.
  • Over the last few decades, a number of studies have been carried out into sperm quality and how it can be enhanced by orthomolecular nutritional medicine. These studies have shown that certain micronutrients can have a positive impact on fertility problems and may consequently have a favourable effect on sperm quality.
  • The micronutrients Orthomol Fertil Plus contain are essential for the shape, density, mobibility and strength of sperms.
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  1. Khamar

    After 3 failed cyecls using Clomid, my OB referred me to Dr. Gago. We determined that I was not ovulating on my own (because no follicles were maturing) and would need to use injectible follicle stimulating meds. My body did not respond easily to the medication too much medicine would cause too many of the follicles to respond at once; too little would have no effect at all so each cycle meant anywhere from 10 to 20 days of injections at different dosages and daily trips to the clinic for ultrasounds to check on follicular growth and hormone levels to see what the next day’s dose would be. Everyone at Dr. Gago’s office was so wonderful my emotions were all over the place, but they did everything they could to be encouraging and supportive. I especially have to thank Jenny and Laurelle, the ultrasound techs, for keeping my spirits up through every long cycle. After several attempts with injectibles and regular intercourse, we moved on to several attempts at IUI, which were not successful. At that point we knew that IVF was the only avenue left. Before we moved forward, Dr. Gago performed an operative hysteroscopy to remove some polyps on my uterus (which I think, in the end, was necessary to allow for implantation). I started the medication for IVF in October of 2011. During our first cycle of IVF, Dr. Gago harvested 23 mature eggs, 19 of which fertilized an amazing result. My husband and I were thrilled. 3 days after retrieval, however, there were 8 viable blastocysts, and by day 5, there were only two left. Dr. Gago transferred both eggs, which meant that there were none left to freeze for future attempts. My husband and I waited nervously until we got the amazing and thrilling news that after 2 years of trying (about 9 months of which were with Dr. Gago), one of the eggs stuck. On July 23, 2012, I gave birth to our son, Isaac. He is perfect in every way and we could not be happier. We feel so lucky to have had success (and to have had success so quickly in the grand scheme of things). We are so grateful that we had Dr. Gago and all of her staff for making it possible.

  2. Bekafa

    I live USA how order this item orthomal fertil plus

    • Dr Watkins

      Dear Bekafa, You can buy it on amazon.com in US here. Best of luck!

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