The winners

Taking all our research into account, we considered the products that scored the highest all round for our aforementioned criteria as the products we would recommend. This immediately ruled out MyProtein Protein Muffins, which, although tasted good, was not a nutritionally balanced snack at all and we therefore could not recommend it. We also ruled out Protein Snacks Chicken Protein Bites for scoring so low on taste and texture (as well as having a poor ingredients list) and Trek Mixed Berry Energy Bar, for being so high in sugar and low in protein. The winning products were chosen from the remaining seven choices, and the top three were as follows:

3rd – Wild West Beef Jerky Honey BBQ

When looking for a snack rich in protein, it’s refreshing to be able to reach for something that doesn’t have the words ‘high protein’ plastered all over the packaging. Beef jerky is a naturally high protein product, and Wild West’s Honey BBQ flavour is considered one of the best tasting jerkies on the market. It may be an expensive snack, which is why it came in 3rd in our list, but if you’re a meat lover, it’s incredibly tasty and satisfying. Wild West received the nod over Cruga because of it’s impressive, non GM and gluten free ingredients list.

2nd – Pulsin Maple and Whey Crisp

Small and unassuming, Pulsin’s Maple and Whey Crisp is a pretty humble alternative to the majority of overly-macho protein bars on the market today. That being said, approximately 30% of this product is protein; and from three different sources too, which makes for an impressive amino acid profile. The carbohydrates in this product are low GI, and the ingredients list is impressive as it is both non GM and gluten free. The addition of chicory fibre is a notable one too, as this is a beneficial prebiotic that aids digestion. Pulsin Maple and Whey Crisp is a mild tasting product, but the texture is excellent and it makes for a great snack all round.

1st – Organic Food Protein Bar

Even though the market of protein bars is dominated by whey based options, Organic Food Protein Bar scored higher than all of them, despite being a vegan product. The ingredients list is very impressive, containing only organic, whole ingredients. Whilst brown rice protein is not a complete protein in itself, this bar becomes a complete protein thanks to the amino acid profiles of the almonds, flax sprouts and sesame seeds.

Despite not being enhanced with artificial flavours, Organic Food Protein Bar was considered among the nicest tasting products we compared – and the best tasting protein bar, bar none. The texture was considered excellent, and the bar itself was considered very satisfying. It is high in protein (over 30% of the product) and very nutrient dense. It’s one let down is the relatively high amount of sugar, but this shouldn’t cause blood sugar spikes in healthy individuals thanks to the high fibre content. It’s also great value too, being one of the cheapest products per gram of protein. All in all, Organic Food Protein Bar is one of the best high protein snacks you can lay your hands on, and is suitable for vegans and celiacs too.
Of course, when it comes to finding a high protein snack, it all comes down to individual preference. Consider as many different options as you can to find the right snack for your tastebuds and your training goals.