Synergist nutrients have additional health benefits when they are combined.

Here are just a few examples:

  • vitamin C enhances the body’s absorption of iron when eaten at the same time.
  • The antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E slow down the oxidation of cholesterol, which is as important to reducing your risk of heart disease as lowering your blood cholesterol levels.
  • The phytochemical pine bark extract protects the inner lining of your arteries and improves their ability to expand. This leads to improved circulation with is associated with numerous health benefits such as better energy levels, digestion and erectile function in men.
  • Three B vitamins (folic acid, vitamin B-6, and B-12) combined with Betaine TOGETHER reduce the level of Homosysteine. This amino acid is thought to damage artery linings, leading to heart attacks and strokes.
  • omega-3 fatty acids and the amino acid L-carnitine improve the body’s ability to burn fat.
  • Studies have indicated that oats may help protect against heart disease. Besides being one of our best sources of soluble fiber, oats contain a laundry list of other healthful compounds, including beta-glucan; a beneficial amino acid ratio; magnesium; folic acid; tocotrienols; and a phytochemical so far identified only in oats — avenanthramides. The protective effect of oats is thought to come from the collective effects of all of these components.

All these examples remind us of just how complex nutritional relationships are. In my opinion, Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she created plant foods: There is magic in the packaging.